Namespace sap.ui.ux3Module: sap/ui/ux3/library

Controls that implement the SAP User Experience (UX) Guidelines 3.0
Namespaces & Classes
ActionBarA special toolbar with predefined social actions which can be shown as needed.
ActionBarSocialActionsEnumeration of available standard actions for 'sap.ui.ux3.ActionBar'.
DataSetItemDataSet Item
DataSetSimpleViewDataSetSimpleView provides a simple view example for DataSet usage.
DataSetViewMarker interface for controls which are suitable as view rendering for a DataSet.
ExactA comprehensive UI design approach with graphical and functional elements for searching data, exploring data, and acting on the data ("Explore and Act (Exact) Pattern").
ExactAreaConsists of two sections: A tool bar and a content area where arbitrary controls can be added.
ExactAttributeAn element for defining attributes and sub-attributes used within the Exact pattern.
ExactBrowserAttribute browse area used within the Exact pattern.
ExactOrderDefines the order of the sub lists of a list in the ExactBrowser.
FacetFilterFacetFilter Control.
FacetFilterListList to be used with the FacetFilter control.
FeedA container control representing a full feed page, including feeder and updates.
FeedChunkThe unit that is embedded - single-wise or in a multiple way - into a Feed control.
FeederThis feed control flavor represents a lean common feed, or a comment feed, with a text commit function.
FeederTypeType of a Feeder.
FollowActionStateDefines the states of the follow action
NavigationBarProvides enhanced navigation capabilities and is the parent control of NavigationItem.
NavigationItemIs the item to be used within the NavigationBar
NotificationBarA NotificationBar is a "toolbar" that can be added to a page to show messages and notifications from the application.
NotificationBarStatusThis entries are used to set the visibility status of a NotificationBar
NotifierThis element can be docked to a notification bar to show notification items
OverlayOverlay Control
OverlayContainerIs to be embedded into the Overlay control as content container
OverlayDialogDialog implementation based on the Overlay.
QuickViewQuickView is a small popup with a short overview of a Thing.
ShellThe Ux3 GoldReflection Shell, which is an application frame with navigation capabilities.
ShellDesignTypeAvailable shell design types.
ShellHeaderTypeAvailable shell header display types.
ThingActionThing Action for Swatch, QuickView, Thinginspector
ThingGroupThing Group Area
ThingInspectorThing Inspector
ThingViewerThingViewer: Same as ThingInspector but decoupled from the Overlay and the ActionBar.
ThingViewerHeaderTypeAvailable ThingViewer header display types.
ToolPopupA popup which the user can open from the Shell's tool pane.
VisibleItemCountModeVisibleItemCountMode of the FacetFilter defines if the FacetFilter takes the whole available height (Auto) in the surrounding container, or is so high as needed to show 5 Items ("Fixed " - default).
Field Summary
sap.ui.ux3.ShellPersonalizationExperimental implementation of visual Ux3 Shell personalization / branding.
Field Detail
sap.ui.ux3.ShellPersonalization Module: sap/ui/ux3/ShellPersonalization

Experimental implementation of visual Ux3 Shell personalization / branding.


Being completely non-generic as of now, this is supposed to facilitate discussions with Ux about the personalization capabilities. Once that concept is more final, we can go for a cleaner implementation, considering the number of configurable properties etc.

Deprecated API:
Since 1.36. This class was never released for productive use and will never be.
Experimental API:
Since 1.0. The Shell-features Personalization, Color Picker and “Inspect”-Tool are only experimental work and might change or disappear in future versions.