Namespace sap.ui.unifiedModule: sap/ui/unified/library

Unified controls intended for both, mobile and desktop scenarios
Namespaces & Classes
CalendarBasic Calendar.
calendarCalendar Utility Class
CalendarAppointmentAn appointment for use in a PlanningCalendar or similar.
CalendarDateIntervalCalendar with dates displayed in one line.
CalendarDayTypeTypes of a calendar day used for visualization.
CalendarIntervalTypeInterval types in a CalendarRow.
CalendarLegendA legend for the Calendar Control.
CalendarLegendItemItem to be displayed in a CalendarLegend.
CalendarMonthIntervalCalendar with granularity of months displayed in one line.
CalendarRowA calendar row with a header and appointments.
CalendarTimeIntervalCalendar with granularity of time items displayed in one line.
ColorPickerEnables the user to select a color.
ColorPickerModedifferent styles for a ColorPicker.
ContentSwitcherSwitches between two control areas and animates it via CSS transitions
ContentSwitcherAnimationPredefined animations for the ContentSwitcher
CurrencyA text view which displays currency values and aligns them at the decimal point.
DateRangeDate range for use in DatePicker
DateTypeRangeDate range with calendar day type information.
FileUploaderThe framework generates an input field and a button with text "Browse .
FileUploaderParameterRepresents a parameter for the FileUploader which is rendered as a hidden inputfield.
FileUploaderXHRSettingsProperties for the XMLHttpRequest object used for file uploads.
GroupAppointmentsModeTypes of display mode for overlapping appointments.
IProcessableBlobsMarker interface for controls that process instances of window.Blob, such as window.File.
MenuA menu is an interactive element which provides a choice of different actions to the user.
MenuItemStandard item to be used inside a menu.
MenuItemBaseAbstract base class for menu item which provides common properties and events for all concrete item implementations.
MenuTextFieldItemSpecial menu item which contains a label and a text field.
ShellThe shell control is meant as root control (full-screen) of an application.
ShellHeadItemHeader Action item of the Shell.
ShellHeadUserItemUser Header Action Item of the Shell.
ShellLayoutThe shell layout is the base for the shell control which is meant as root control (full-screen) of an application.
ShellOverlayShellOverlay to be opened in front of an sap.ui.unified.Shell
SplitContainerProvides a main content and a secondary content area
StandardCalendarLegendItemStandard day types visualized in a sap.m.PlanningCalendarLegend, which correspond to days in a sap.ui.unified.Calendar.