Namespace sap.ui.tableModule: sap/ui/table/library

Table-like controls, mainly for desktop scenarios.
Namespaces & Classes
AnalyticalColumnThis column adds additional properties to the table column which are needed for the analytical binding and table
AnalyticalColumnMenuA column menu which is used by the analytical column
AnalyticalTableTable which handles analytical OData backends.
ColumnThe column allows you to define column specific properties that will be applied when rendering the table.
ColumnMenuThe column menu provides all common actions that can be performed on a column.
GroupEventTypeDetails about the group event to distinguish between different actions associated with grouping
NavigationModeNavigation mode of the table
RowThe row.
RowActionThe RowAction control allows to display multiple action items which can be selected by the user.
RowActionItemAn action items to be displayed in a RowAction control.
RowActionTypeRow Action types.
RowSettingsThe RowSettings control allows you to configure a row.
SelectionBehaviorSelection behavior of the table
SelectionModeSelection mode of the table
SharedDomRefShared DOM Reference IDs of the table.
SortOrderSort order of a column
TableProvides a comprehensive set of features for displaying and dealing with vast amounts of data.
TablePersoControllerThe TablePersoController can be used to connect a table with a persistence service.
TreeAutoExpandModeDifferent modes for setting the auto expand mode on tree or analytical bindings.
TreeTableThe TreeTable control provides a comprehensive set of features to display hierarchical data.
VisibleRowCountModeVisibleRowCountMode of the table