Interface sap.ui.core.mvc.View.PreprocessorModule: sap/ui/core/mvc/View

Interface for Preprocessor implementations that can be hooked in the view life cycle.

There are two possibilities to use the preprocessor. It can be either passed to the view via the mSettings.preprocessors object where it is the executed only for this instance, or by the registerPreprocessor method of the view type. Currently this is available only for XMLViews (as of version 1.30).

Since: 1.30.
Method Summary
sap.ui.core.mvc.View.Preprocessor.process(vSource, oViewInfo, mSettings?)Processing method that must be implemented by a Preprocessor.
Method Detail
sap.ui.core.mvc.View.Preprocessor.process(vSource, oViewInfo, mSettings?): object|Promise
Processing method that must be implemented by a Preprocessor.
objectvSourcethe source to be processed
objectoViewInfoidentification information about the calling instance
stringoViewInfo.idthe id
stringoViewInfo.namethe name
stringoViewInfo.componentIdthe id of the owning Component
stringoViewInfo.calleridentifies the caller of this preprocessor; basis for log or exception messages
objectmSettings?settings object containing the settings provided with the preprocessor
object|Promisethe processed resource or a promise which resolves with the processed resource or an error according to the declared preprocessor sync capability