Namespace sap.ui.coreModule: sap/ui/core/library

The SAPUI5 Core Runtime.

Contains the UI5 jQuery plugins (*), the Core and all its components, base classes for Controls, Components and the Model View Controller classes.

Namespaces & Classes
AbsoluteCSSSizeA string type that represents non-relative CSS size values.
AccessibleLandmarkRoleDefines the accessible landmark roles for ARIA support.
AccessibleRoleDefines the accessible roles for ARIA support.
AppCacheBusterThe AppCacheBuster is used to hook into URL relevant functions in jQuery and SAPUI5 and rewrite the URLs with a timestamp segment.
BarColorConfiguration options for the colors of a progress bar
BusyIndicatorProvides methods to show or hide a waiting animation covering the whole page and blocking user interaction.
BusyIndicatorSizeConfiguration options for the BusyIndicator size
CalendarTypeThe types of Calendar
CollisionCollision behavior: horizontal/vertical.
ComponentBase Class for Component.
ComponentContainerContainer that embeds a UIComponent in a control tree.
ComponentLifecycleEnumeration for different lifecycle behaviors of Components created by the ComponentContainer.
ConfigurationCollects and stores the configuration of the current environment.
ControlBase Class for Controls.
CoreCore Class of the SAP UI Library.
CSSColorA string type that represents CSS color values.
CSSSizeA string type that represents CSS size values.
CSSSizeShortHandThis type checks the short hand form of a margin or padding definition.
CustomDataContains a single key/value pair of custom data attached to an Element.
DeclarativeSupportStatic class for enabling declarative UI support.
DesignFont design for texts
dnd.DropEffectConfiguration options for visual drop effects that are given during a drag and drop operation.
dnd.DropLayoutConfiguration options for the layout of the droppable controls.
dnd.DropPositionConfiguration options for drop positions.
DockDocking position: horizontal/vertical.
ElementBase Class for Elements.
EnabledPropagatorHelper Class for enhancement of a Control with propagation of enabled property.
EventBusProvides eventing capabilities for applications like firing events and attaching or detaching event handlers for events which are notified when events are fired.
formatFormat classes
FragmentFragments support the definition of light-weight stand-alone UI control trees.
HistoryHistory handles the history of certain controls (e.g.
HorizontalAlignConfiguration options for horizontal alignments of controls
HTMLEmbeds standard HTML in an SAPUI5 control tree.
IconIcon uses embedded font instead of pixel image.
IconColorSemantic Colors of an icon.
IconPoolThe IconPool is a static class for retrieving or registering icons.
IContextMenuMarker interface for controls that can serve as a context menu.
IDA string type representing an Id or a name.
IFormContentMarker interface for controls that can be used as content of sap.ui.layout.form.Form or sap.ui.layout.form.SimpleForm.
ImeModeState of the Input Method Editor (IME) for the control.
IntervalTriggerProvides a trigger that triggers in a set interval and calls all registered listeners.
InvisibleTextAn InvisibleText is used to bring hidden texts to the UI for screen reader support.
IShrinkableInterface for the controls which are suitable to shrink.
ItemA control base type.
LabelMarker interface for controls which are suitable for use as label.
LabelEnablementHelper functionality for enhancement of a Label with common label functionality.
LayoutDataA layout data base type.
ListItemAn item that is used in lists or list-similar controls such as DropdownBox, for example.
LocalBusyIndicatorThe LocalBusyIndicator is a special version of the BusyIndicator.
LocaleLocale represents a locale setting, consisting of a language, script, region, variants, extensions and private use section.
LocaleDataProvides access to locale-specific data, like date formats, number formats, currencies, etc.
ManifestThe Manifest class.
MessageThis element used to provide messages.
MessageTypeDefines the different message types of a message
mvc.ViewTypeSpecifies possible view types
OpenStateDefines the different possible states of an element that can be open or closed and does not only toggle between these states, but also spends some time in between (e.g.
OrientationOrientation of a UI element
PercentageA string type that represents a percentage value.
PopupPopup Class is a helper class for controls that want themselves or parts of themselves or even other aggregated or composed controls or plain HTML content to popup on the screen like menues, dialogs, drop down boxes.
PopupInterfaceMarker interface for controls that are not rendered "embedded" into other controls but need to be opened/closed.
PriorityPriorities for general use.
RendererBase Class for a Renderer.
RenderManagerRenderManager that will take care for rendering Controls.
ResizeHandlerThe resize handling API provides firing of resize events on all browsers by regularly checking the width and height of registered DOM elements or controls and firing events accordingly.
routing.HistoryDirectionEnumaration for different HistoryDirections
ScrollBarThe ScrollBar control can be used for virtual scrolling of a certain area.
ScrollBarActionActions are: Click on track, button, drag of thumb, or mouse wheel click
ScrollingDefines the possible values for horizontal and vertical scrolling behavior.
SeparatorItemAn item that provides a visual separation.
TextAlignConfiguration options for text alignments.
TextDirectionConfiguration options for the direction of texts.
TitleRepresents a title element that can be used for aggregation with other controls
TitleLevelLevel of a title.
ToolbarMarker interface for toolbar controls.
TooltipBaseAbstract class that can be extended in order to implement any extended tooltip.
UIAreaAn area in a page that hosts a tree of UI elements.
UIComponentBase Class for UIComponent.
URIA string type that represents an RFC 3986 conformant URI.
ValueStateMarker for the correctness of the current value.
ValueStateSupportHelper functionality for value state support.
VariantLayoutDataAllows to add multiple LayoutData to one control in case that an easy switch of layouts (e.g.
VerticalAlignConfiguration options for vertical alignments, for example of a layout cell content within the borders.
WrappingConfiguration options for text wrapping.
XMLCompositeBase Class for XMLComposite controls.
Method Summary
sap.ui.core.CustomStyleClassSupport()Applies the support for custom style classes on the prototype of a sap.ui.core.Element.
Method Detail
sap.ui.core.CustomStyleClassSupport()Module: sap/ui/core/CustomStyleClassSupport

Applies the support for custom style classes on the prototype of a sap.ui.core.Element.

All controls (subclasses of sap.ui.core.Control) provide the support custom style classes. The control API provides functions to the application which allow it to add, remove or change style classes for the control. In general, this option is not available for elements because elements do not necessarily have a representation in the DOM.

This function can be used by a control developer to explicitly enrich the API of his/her element implementation with the API functions for the custom style class support. It must be called on the prototype of the element.

Usage Example:

sap.ui.define(['sap/ui/core/Element', 'sap/ui/core/CustomStyleClassSupport'], function(Element, CustomStyleClassSupport) {
   "use strict";
   var MyElement = Element.extend("my.MyElement", {
      metadata : {


   return MyElement;
}, true);

Furthermore, the function oRenderManager.writeClasses(oElement); (sap.ui.core.RenderManager#writeClasses) must be called within the renderer of the control to which the element belongs, when writing the root tag of the element. This ensures the classes are written to the HTML.

This function adds the following functions to the elements prototype:

In addition the clone function of the element is extended to ensure that the custom style classes are also available on the cloned element.

Note: This function can only be used within control development. An application cannot add style class support on existing elements by calling this function.