Namespace sap.ui.commonsModule: sap/ui/commons/library

Common basic controls, mainly intended for desktop scenarios
Namespaces & Classes
AccordionContains N sections, acting as containers for any library control
AccordionSectionRepresents a panel which is a container for other controls.
ApplicationHeaderThe application header control stands on the top of any application page.
AreaUsed for defining areas in an image map.
AutoCompleteTextfield with list based text completion.
ButtonEnables users to trigger actions such as save or print.
ButtonStyledifferent styles for a button.
CalloutCallout is a small popup with some useful information and links that is shown when a mouse is hovered over a specific view element.
CalloutBaseCalloutBase is a building block for Callout.
CarouselCarousel holds multiple controls and displays them vertically or horizontally next to each other.
CheckBoxProvides a box which can be flagged, the box has a label.
ColorPickerThis control gives the user the opportunity to choose a color.
ColorPickerModedifferent styles for a ColorPicker.
ComboBoxThe control provides a field that allows end users to either enter some text, or to choose an entry out of a list of pre-defined items.
DatePickerAllows end users to interact with dates.
DialogAn interactive window appearing on request displaying information to the user.
DropdownBoxThe control provides a field that allows end users to an entry out of a list of pre-defined items.
FileUploaderThe framework generates an input field and a button with text "Browse .
FileUploaderParameterRepresents a parameter for the FileUploader which is rendered as a hidden inputfield.
FormattedTextViewThe FormattedTextView control allows the usage of a limited set of HTML tags for display.
FormattedTextViewControlMarker interface for common controls which are suitable for use within a FormattedTextView.
HorizontalDividerDivides the screen in visual areas.
HorizontalDividerHeightEnumeration of possible HorizontalDivider height settings.
HorizontalDividerTypeEnumeration of possible HorizontalDivider types.
ImageA wrapper around the IMG tag.
ImageMapCombination of image areas where at runtime these areas are starting points for hyperlinks or actions
InPlaceEditThe InPlaceEdit is a functionality to have text in display mode that can be changed in place.
LabelThe control is used for labeling other controls.
LabelDesignAvailable label display modes.
LinkProvides an absolute or relative reference to an internal or external URL.
ListBoxProvides a list of items from which users can choose an item.
MenuA menu is an interactive element which provides a choice of different actions to the user.
MenuBarRepresents a user interface area which is the entry point for menus with their menu items.
MenuBarDesignDetermines the visual design of a MenuBar.
MenuButtonCommon button control that opens a menu when clicked by the user.
MenuItemStandard item to be used inside a menu.
MenuItemBaseAbstract base class for menu item which provides common properties and events for all concrete item implementations.
MenuTextFieldItemSpecial menu item which contains a label and a text field.
MessageCreates the "Message"s to be supplied to the "MessageBar" Control.
MessageBarCreates an instance of a MessageBar Control, for displaying messages.
MessageBoxProvides methods to create standard alerts, confirmation dialogs, or arbitrary message boxes.
MessageListInstantiated by the "MessageBar" Control if the user requests to generate the corresponding "MessageList".
MessageToastResponsible for displaying the new incoming messages, one at the time, on top of the MessageBar.
MessageType[Enter description for MessageType]
PaginatorProvides navigation between pages within a list of numbered pages.
PaginatorEventDistinct paginator event types
PanelRepresents a container with scroll functionality, that can be used for text and controls.
PasswordFieldA text field with masked characters which borrows its properties and methods from TextField.
ProgressIndicatorShows the progress of a process in a graphical way.
RadioButtonRadioButton is a control similar to CheckBox, but it allows the user to choose only one of the predefined set of options.
RadioButtonGroupThe RadioButtonGroup is a basic control that is used to provide area for making interactive choice out of a set of options.
RangeSliderThe interactive control is displayed either as a horizontal or a vertical line with two pointers and units of measurement.
RatingIndicatorRatingIndicator is used to let the user do some rating on a given topic.
RatingIndicatorVisualModePossible values for the visualization of float values in the RatingIndicator Control.
ResponsiveContainerIs used to provide a container, which can show different content depending on its current width.
ResponsiveContainerRangeDefines a range for the ResponsiveContainer
RichTooltipIs used to provide tool tips that can have long text, image and title.
RoadMapRoadMap is used to display step-by-step work flows of a clearly defined work process.
RoadMapStepStep used within a RoadMap Control.
RowRepeaterThis control displays items in a stacked list format, allowing the user to page in order to see more items or to use the offered filtering and sorting capabilities in order to manipulate the displayed data.
RowRepeaterDesignDetermines the visual design of a RowRepeater.
RowRepeaterFilterThis element is used by the RowRepeater and allows to define a filter in this context along with the related data such as a text and an icon.
RowRepeaterSorterThis element is used by the RowRepeater and allows to define a sorter in this context along with the related data such as a text and an icon.
SearchFieldAllows the user to type search queries and to trigger the search.
SearchProviderA SearchProvider which can be attached to a Search Field.
SegmentedButtonThe SegmentedButton provides a group of multiple buttons.
SliderThe interactive control is displayed either as a horizontal or a vertical line with a pointer and units of measurement.
SplitterAllows to split the screen into two areas.
SplitterSizeA string type that represents subset of CSS size values.
TabRepresents a single tab in a TabStrip control.
TabStripTabStrip represents a container for tab controls, which contain the content and generally other controls.
TextAreaControl to enter or display multible row text.
TextFieldRenders an input field for text input.
TextViewIs used to display some continous text.
TextViewColorSemantic Colors of a text.
TextViewDesignDesigns for TextView.
TitleRepresents a title element that can be used for aggregation with other controls
ToggleButtonThe ToggleButton Control is a Button that can be toggled between pressed and normal state
ToolbarA horizontal row of items where in many cases the single toolbar items are buttons containing icons.
ToolbarDesignDetermines the visual design of a Toolbar.
ToolbarItemMarker interface for common controls which are suitable for use within a toolbar.
ToolbarSeparatorA small vertical line that is generally added to the tool bar between the items to visually separate them.
ToolbarSeparatorDesignDesign of the Toolbar Separator.
TreeSimple tree to display item in a hierarchical way
TreeNodeTree node element
TreeSelectionModeSelection mode of the tree
TriStateCheckBoxTriStateCheckBox to reflect mixed state for checkboxes.
TriStateCheckBoxStateStates for TriStateCheckBox
ValueHelpFieldA TextField with an attached icon which triggeres an event.
Field Summary
sap.ui.commons.TitleLevelLevel of a title.
Field Detail
Level of a title.
Deprecated API:
Since version 1.16.0. Moved to sap.ui.core library. Please use this one.