Namespace sap.ui.baseModule: sap/ui/base/Object

SAPUI5 base classes
Namespaces & Classes
DataTypeRepresents the type of properties in a ManagedObject class.
EventAn Event object consisting of an ID, a source and a map of parameters.
EventProviderProvides eventing capabilities for objects like attaching or detaching event handlers for events which are notified when events are fired.
InterfaceA class that creates an Interface for an existing class.
ManagedObjectBase Class that introduces some basic concepts like state management or databinding.
ManagedObjectMetadataNote about Info Objects Several methods in this class return info objects that describe a property, aggregation, association or event of the class described by this metadata object.
MetadataMetadata for a class.
ObjectBase class for all SAPUI5 Objects
ObjectPoolManages a pool of objects all of the same type; the type has to be specified at pool construction time.
PoolableContract for objects that can be pooled by ObjectPool