Abstract Class sap.ui.app.MockServerModule: sap/ui/app/MockServer

Class to mock a server
Deprecated API:
Since 1.15.1. The mock server code has been moved to sap.ui.core.util - see sap.ui.core.util.MockServer
Experimental API:
Since 1.13.0. The mock server is still under construction, so some implementation details can be changed in future.
Constructor Summary
new sap.ui.app.MockServer(sId?, mSettings?, oScope?)Creates a mocked server.
Methods borrowed from class sap.ui.base.Object
Constructor Detail
new sap.ui.app.MockServer(sId?, mSettings?, oScope?)
Creates a mocked server. This helps to mock all or some backend calls, e.g. for OData/JSON Models or simple XHR calls, without changing the application code. This class can also be used for qunit tests.
stringsId?id for the new server object; generated automatically if no non-empty id is given Note: this can be omitted, no matter whether mSettings will be given or not!
objectmSettings?optional map/JSON-object with initial property values, aggregated objects etc. for the new object
objectoScope?scope object for resolving string based type and formatter references in bindings