Module sap/ui/unified/library

Contained Namespaces, Types, Enums & Classes
sap.ui.unified Unified controls intended for both, mobile and desktop scenarios
sap.ui.unified.CalendarDayType Types of a calendar day used for visualization.
sap.ui.unified.CalendarIntervalType Interval types in a CalendarRow.
sap.ui.unified.ColorPickerMode different styles for a ColorPicker.
sap.ui.unified.ContentSwitcherAnimation Predefined animations for the ContentSwitcher
sap.ui.unified.GroupAppointmentsMode Types of display mode for overlapping appointments.
sap.ui.unified.IProcessableBlobs Marker interface for controls that process instances of window.Blob, such as window.File.
sap.ui.unified.StandardCalendarLegendItem Standard day types visualized in a sap.m.PlanningCalendarLegend, which correspond to days in a sap.ui.unified.Calendar.